Throughout the school year, the Tomorrow's Leaders mentoring program will participate in various activities that promote education. Below are some of the signature events that we take part in each year.

Texas Tech Mini Camp

One of the most important things that we encourage our kids is that a college education should be a part of their future. With many of our students coming from single parent homes and minority households, college is a topic that isn't addressed enough. Most if not all of our students have been raised in an environment where going to college just isn't the norm. We are trying to change that, by exposing our students to a college environment early on in their school careers. Over the past six years we have arranged on campus tours of Texas Tech University and have visited with various professors and student organizations to give them an idea of what college life is like. Our boys got an in depth look at the robotics program in the mechanical engineering department at Tech. They got to see a few robots in action and also learned how the robots work and communicate. This past spring we held the Inaugural Texas Tech Mini Camp. This event was designed to inform and educate our students about the opportunities of going to college. The event took place on the campus of Texas Tech University. Taking our students on a college campus with actual college students was a tremendous opportunity for them as they got an inside look at what college is like. The Texas Tech Office of Community Engagement was gracious enough to host us and takes us on a tour across campus. During this time our students got to speak and ask questions from a student organization.

History & Science Tour

At the end of every school year, we like to reward our students with a field trip. This trip has to be earned through good behavior, attendance at our events and overall a good report from their teachers. This trip is not just any ordinary field trip. We like to call it our American History & Science Tour and its final destination is Washington D.C. This trip takes place in the nation's capitol, we will travel by charter bus from Lubbock and will spend most of an entire week visiting and learning about our national monuments up close. We also like to mix in some fun activities such as a professional baseball game or an amusement park while we are there. In the summer of 2015 we were able to add New York City to the trip. We made History and Science the focus because these are subjects that our students will become more familiar with as they enter Middle School. Science is one of the subjects that has seen a dramatic decline in interest and performance across the country, and exposing our kids to real life locations that showcase the importance in science related careers can help boost their interest as well as knowledge in this subject.


During the first 3 years of Tomorrow's Leaders our History & Science tour was limited to the state of Texas. Some of our stops were Ft. Concho in San Angelo, the Alamo, Sea world and the Zoo all in San Antonio, the Texas State Capitol Building in Austin, NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, the University of Houston, and Texas Tech University at Junction campus to name a few.


Our Washington D.C. tour included stops at The White House, The United States Capitol, The National Air and Space Museum, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, The National Museum of Natural History, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, The National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD and Oriole Park at Camden Yards (home of the Baltimore Orioles).


Our New York City tour included stops at the Statue of Liberty, Time Square, Central Park, and the September 11th Memorial,

Below are some of the photos we have taken throughout the years from our History & Science Tours






Take a Kid to a Game

Each year Texas Tech University hosts various student organizations from all across the South Plains for a collegiate sporting event. For a lot of our students, this is the first college sporting event they've ever attended. This is also a great way to expose them to the traditions and spirit of a university.


Dia De Los Niños Literacy Campaign


Each April we host an event that focuses on Literacy which is widely known as Dia De Los Niños or "Children's Day". This event is celebrated all over the world. This is held on the campus of Alderson Elementary in Lubbock, TX. Over the years we've had guest speakers, and various agencies throughout the community partner with us. Booths are setup for each agency so parents can come and visit, books are donated and plenty of food and drinks are provided.


Camping Event


Each Spring we host a camping event for our kids. This gives them a chance to step away from the video games and the comforts of their TV and experience the great outdoors. The location of the trip will vary based on availability and the weather. The duration is usually one night. We will provide all the camping equipment.


Museum Day


History is an important life lesson, we strive to educate our kids on this by visiting our local museums. It's important for them to know what makes the place they call home so special. Over the last few years, we have taken our kids to the Texas Tech Museum, the Lubbock Lake Landmark, the Ranching Heritage Center